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Neo Electromagnetic Body Cold Ems Sculpting Machine 220V 50Hz

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Neo Electromagnetic Body Cold Ems Sculpting Machine 220V 50Hz

Neo Electromagnetic Body Cold Ems Sculpting Machine 220V 50Hz
Neo Electromagnetic Body Cold Ems Sculpting Machine 220V 50Hz Neo Electromagnetic Body Cold Ems Sculpting Machine 220V 50Hz Neo Electromagnetic Body Cold Ems Sculpting Machine 220V 50Hz

Large Image :  Neo Electromagnetic Body Cold Ems Sculpting Machine 220V 50Hz

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: OEM
Certification: CE
Model Number: omg-cls0013
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1Set
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: 116*56*58CM/76KG
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000+Set+Month

Neo Electromagnetic Body Cold Ems Sculpting Machine 220V 50Hz

Product Name: Ems Sculpting Machine Certification: CE
Warranty: 1 Year Frequency: 5-100Hz
Input Power: 220V 50Hz Instrument Screen: 18 Inch Large Screen
Packin Size: 116*56*58CM Weight: 76KG
Handle: 1 Handle Output Power: 2800W
High Light:

Neo Electromagnetic Ems Sculpting Machine


220V 50Hz Ems Sculpting Machine


Body Cold Neo Machine 2800W

ems shaping sculpt machine/EMS Shaping neo electromagnetic body cold sculpting machine

Product Description


Working Theory

Magnetic Slim is a muscle-enhancing and fat-reducing instrument that is suitable for both men and women. Many people have the impression that it is not suitable for men to use it for women. Many girls are not fat, but they just want their body to be tighter, without the feeling of fat, and at the same time they want to have a vest line. Gaining muscle is more difficult for boys, and it is even more difficult for girls. Girls also want to gain muscle and lose fat together. Magnetic slimming is a very suitable choice, allowing you to quickly have a vest line and a small waist.

Excessive caloric intake of girls is converted into fat, which accumulates in the body and forms a thick layer of fat, dragging down health and body shape. The instrument stimulates the muscles to produce high-frequency contraction, and exercise requires a lot of energy, which causes a large amount of fat stored in the body to decompose and supply energy. After decomposing the fat mass that provides energy, the cells are reduced in large quantities, and the fat tissue becomes loose and sparse. The metabolism of the body is accelerated, the cells are purer, healthier, and the body is beautiful.


Muscle Building:

Utilize high-intensity electromagnetic energy technology (HIEMT)→stimulate nerves→continuous expansion and contraction of own muscles→extreme training→deep muscle remodeling→growth of myofibrils (muscle enlargement)→generate new collagen chains and muscle fibers (muscles) ) hyperplasia) → train and increase muscle density and volume.

input power
220V 50HZ
Output powe
Machine colour

Fat Reduction:

Using focused magnetic resonance (HIEMT) technology → 100% limit muscle contraction → can trigger a large amount of fat decomposition → fatty acid decomposition into triglyceride → a large amount of accumulation in fat cells → make fatty acid concentration too high → fat cell apoptosis → in 2 -4 excreted through normal metabolism within a week.

Therefore, treatment can strengthen and increase muscle while


(1) Women who need to increase muscle and change body shape - butt lift, vest line.
(2) Men who need to increase muscle and change muscle.
(3) People who need to lose weight - suitable for both men and women.
(4) Improve leakage caused by pelvic muscle relaxation
(5) Postpartum mothers (separation of the rectus abdominis) - improve the shape of the abdominal muscles and shape a flat abdomen.

Therapy(Different frequency):

HYPERTROPHY - Muscle-building training mode
The Muscle Gainer training mode focuses on building muscle.
Helps create and maintain a healthy body by inducing muscle growth.
Set the muscle strengthening training mode to stimulate muscle strengthening anaerobic training with the optimal frequency and time.
The therapist is advised to consciously hold the breath while stimulating the muscle; instead, when the muscle stops, exhale briefly and then breathe again to provide adequate oxygen and energy to the muscle.

Strength – Muscle Strength ModelMuscle-strengthening modes, such as weight training.
Increasing muscle strength without increasing muscle mass is a training method that focuses on high intensity and low frequency.
High intensity is required for short periods of time to stimulate the number and thrust of neurons and the coordination of muscle fibers. Incorporating breath control during therapy can aid in the effectiveness of therapy.

HIIT -- High Intensity Interval Training Mode

The therapist can easily lie down and perform exercises such as HIIT, which increases muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance and glucose metabolism, allowing the body to burn more calories.

Significantly reduce body fat while building muscle.

When the therapist performs HIIT high-intensity interval training, it can effectively reduce the exercise load.

COMBO 1 -- HIIT+hypertrophy

Combo1 combines HIIT and hypertrophy mode (muscle gain and fat loss training mode).

This model is designed for therapists who want to burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

There are 5 crossover repetitions and intensities designed. The 30-minute sessions allow the therapist to feel the different muscle contractions.


COMBO 2 - Hypertrophy + Strength

Combo2 combines hypertrophy and strength mode (a training mode that builds muscle and muscle strength).

This model is designed for people who want to be healthier.

It also builds strength and muscle, helping with overall muscle growth.


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